Dr. LauraMaery Gold
Dr. LauraMaery Gold is a widely published author writing on topics of special interest to families: marital communication and intimacy, education, faith, technology, and personal finance. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in the United States and Europe, and holds multiple degrees and certifications in counseling, financial planning, journalism, law, and marriage and family therapy.

Dr. Gold is the founder of the Skriptstm approach to communication. The Skripts Method uses principled communication "skripts" to prevent and resolve interpersonal conflict, and build relational connection.  

She is also the director of The Relationship Institute, an organization specializing in helping couples and families build relational intimacy and repair their communications problems.

She has given personal finance advice as a guest on several national and local television and radio programs.

She and her husband Dan Post are the parents of seven children and many grandchildren. She and her family have lived around the world, and now divide their time between locations in Seattle and Paris.